SLETPETRO New Factory New Plant Groundbreaking Ceremony

Autumn season, is the harvest season, is also the sailing season!  

September 1st, SLETPETRO, pack up and set out again.  Under the care of jingzhou municipal party committee leaders, our new factory began to work!  

The new factory is located in Daya Road, Downtown Sha, covering an area of 65 yield, with one office building planned, six factories suitable for large-scale equipment assembly and production, as well as special living and activity areas for employees.  

At the ceremony, Mr. Yang Zhangjun, chairman of SLETPETRO, delivered a wonderful commencement speech, and introduced the project overview and progress nodes to the leaders at all levels of the Municipal Party Committee.  In the interview with the relevant media, Yang introduced that after the completion of the new factory, the output value will be around 400 million, the realization of profits and taxes of 20 million, solve the new 400 jobs, for the local economic development!  At the same time, Yang also expressed his gratitude to the government for escorting the real economy!  



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