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Product Descriptions   

Manifolds are a combination of the high & low pressure components. The manifolds are usually used to connect up multiple fracturing equipment when fracturing, gather and pump the fluid to the well head, realize the fluid discharging and high pressure fracturing work. Normally the high pressure system and low pressure system mount on the same skid module to realize integrated installation and transportation, and standardize the well site layout.


SLETPETRO can carry 3”-7 1/16”application with options of 6-24 valves. They are widely applied in shale gas, shale oil and large discharging fracturing site.

product feature

-Size range from 3 "- 7 1 / 16" (65mm-180mm) can be achieved.
-The union type is used in conventional oil wells and gas wells, and the discharge is less than 12m ³/ min.

-The flanged type is used in shale gas, shale oil fracturing, and the discharge is 12-20m³/min.
-Working Pressure 105Mpa and 140Mpa.
-Interface numbers:Unions no more than 12 interfaces, flanged type can be used in multi manifold assemly with 24 interfaces.