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Product Descriptions

SLETPETRO pressure relief valves are a type of spring reset valves, which are designed to protect against overpressure from pump supply in the flow line. when the preset force of the spring is exceeded, the valve will automatically open to protect the personnel and equipment on site. Various spring stack configurations are available for different relief pressure ranges.

Product Specifications

Nominal Size :2"

Temperature Rating:-29℃~121℃(PU)


Manufacturing standard:API 6A 

product feature

-The valve body adopts die forging, and the key parts are thickened.

-The disk spring adopts the special design for senstive response.。

-The sealings are vulcanized for many times to  obtain better sealing strength.
-Pressure range 7500~20000Psi adjustable。

Pressure Relief Valve Parameters


Pressure Relief Valve Repair Kit