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Product introduction

Portable pedal-operated hydraulic grease gun S70

S70 is a new type of portable pedal type hydraulic grease gun, which has the characteristics of convenient operation, labor saving, light weight, fast grease injection speed and so on. It is widely used in the assembly, maintenance and repair of high-pressure plug valves.

Electric hydraulic grease gun ES-105

Es-105 is a new type of electric high-pressure grease injection equipment, which has the characteristics of rugged and compact structure, high pressure grease injection and flexible use on site. The internal safety valve equipped with the hydraulic system provides maximum safety protection when the operator presses the sealing grease, and the manual directional valve controls the expansion and contraction of the high-pressure oil cylinder. The ES-105 is powered by an electric pressure pump and does not require an air power. The electric grease injection machine can easily and efficiently complete the grease filling maintenance in a short time.

product feature

S70 Parameter


Medium: Lubricating Grease

Operation:Foot-operated trigger
Injection speed: 1 oz / 13 stroke (high pressure)


ES-105 Parameter

Equipment configuration :3 meters high pressure hose, 15,000PSI pressure gauge, pressure gauge protection sleeve, two-way rotary connector, large nozzle connector. Hydraulic pump only need regular maintenance, internal safety pressure relief valve can set at 15000PSI avoid of overpressure, 50 meters winding disk.


Hydraulic Oil: 8L


Lubricating Grease: J、P、CT12

Injection speed: 8 oz /30 1-60 seconds


Weight: 75kg