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SLETPETRO plug valves are composed of the valve body, seals, plug and other components. Plug valves are indispensable important components of well fracturing and cementing. SLETPETRO plug valves feature with compact structure, easy maintenance, lower torque and open quickly. To satisfy the demands of diverse users, we can offer various plug valve actuators such as manual, hand wheel, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators.

Product Specifications

Nominal Size :1"~4"

Temperature Rating:-29℃~121℃(PU)   -46℃~121℃(LU)

Service:Standard、Sour Gas

Manufacturing standard:API 6A & NACE MR0175

product feature

-The valve body is made of high quality alloy steel forging, with high strength, the surface of the cock has been specially strengthened treatment, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant.

-The arc pieces have been artificially aged for up to 10,000 hours and have good toughness.

-Seals are vulcanized several times to obtain better sealing strength.

-The lightweight design of the whole valve improves the operability of the field and reduces the labor intensity.

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