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Product Descriptions

Check valves are used in high pressure lines to control one-way flow and prevent fluid from flowing back in pipeline, while protecting the pipe line and equipment safety. The core component of check valve is forged by stainless steel with advanced erosion and abrasion-resistant characteristics. The seals use secondary vulcanization resulting in ultimate sealing.

SLETPETRO can provide top-entry check valves, in-line flapper check valves and dart check valves. Flappers check valves are mainly used in fluid or fluid solid mixture condition. Dart check valves are mainly used in gas or pure fluid with low viscosity condition.

Product Specifications

Nominal Size :2"~3"

Temperature Rating:-29℃~121℃(PU)

Service:Standard、Sour Gas

Manufacturing standard:API 6A & NACE MR0175

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